Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Older Care

Improve Older Care

Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Older Care

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Every person’s dream is to reach old age enjoying life to the full, with the awareness of being able to rely on their children. On the other hand, the desire of every child is to be able to support their elderly parents once they become non-self-sufficient. And it is precisely when this reversal of roles occurs that we find ourselves wondering: How can I support my elderly parents? Will I be able to take care of it? We have tried to answer these questions by compiling a list of practical advice for caring for the elderly.

The company, assistance during medical checks and treatments, psychological support. These are just some of the needs of older people. These are aspects that should not be underestimated so that our loved ones can keep themselves healthy, both physically and emotionally-mentally. The serenity of our loved ones does not only benefit them but also us.

Every day we assist many elderly people and we relate to children and relatives. What unites them at times is the lack of serenity and the worry of not being able to manage a new life condition – old age – which we sometimes forget to be an integral part of the cycle of our life.

How can we reconcile our life needs with the needs of our parents who age and get sick and then become non-self-sufficient?

To answer this question we wanted to collect practical advice for the management and care of the elderly.

Care for the elderly: 5 practical tips to live more peacefully

Here are five tips to learn how to take care of those who used to take care of us.

  1. Encourage with the right stimuli

If there is one ingredient to help your body and mind stay healthy, it is definitely an activity. Any activity is good for our loved ones as they get older, the important thing is to keep body and mind busy. The stimuli are therefore fundamental. From meeting friends to visiting new places, passing through a walk in the open air. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to help our parents brighten up the day, making them forget the typical pains of old age for a few hours. Small gestures that make the difference.

  1. Learn to understand the new condition, with patience

Old age, as we know, makes everyone less patient and more irascible. The most common mistake, however, is not to put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes it can be difficult, but we think “how would I feel in their conditions: without a daily commitment, with a body full of annoying aches, with little energy, little social life?” It is an important effort but once we understand the phase in which our loved ones are, it will be easier to understand and give due weight to the moments of frustration or seemingly unjustified mood.

  1. Create the right routine

One more phone call, one more visit, even if fast, can make a difference. Maintaining contact (telephone and physical) transmits security, closeness; means “I’m thinking of you, I’m taking care of you”. The awareness of knowing that they are still an important part of their children’s lives helps them to live better with their living conditions, which are not always easy to accept. Sometimes just a phone call or a message may be enough; technology can help.

  1. Accept outside help, without guilt

Initially, for some, the idea of ​​getting help from someone “outside the family” could represent a threat, a defeat, or even a sort of discharge of their responsibilities. Accepting outside help does not mean abandoning loved ones, but making sure we can give them the assistance they need, without sacrificing the lives of our children and partners. Therefore, resorting to external help, such as a home assistant at certain times, can help not to upset one’s life and that of our loved one.

  1. Find the right facility for the right care

Managing a very elderly parent, affected by diseases that limit self-sufficiency, can be a challenge that is anything but simple, especially when there is also a repulsion for treatment. When you find yourself having to deal with the physical (and mental) decay of your parents, the best solution to find peace of mind is to ask for help, turning to reliable care facilities able to professionally manage this new difficult condition.

Being able to combine family life, work-life, and care for one’s own is not always easy. Our mission is precisely to support people in assisting their loved ones, thanks to a team of social assistance professionals, and to be able to guarantee the serenity they deserve.

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