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The story so far: what AWOC has achieved, and how it’s done this

In the two years since its launch, AWOC has:

  • Directed media and stakeholder attention to the phenomenon through a mixture of campaigning, publicity activity and events – with resulting coverage in national print and broadcast media
  • Developed insight into the population cohort through a mixture of opinion-survey and qualitative research – captured, for example, in the organisation’s 2015 survey and its 2016 report Our Voices
  • Created an online network (through setting up a Facebook group with over 800 members) and a series of locality-based groups (with local AWOC groups active in York, Leeds, London, Brighton, Bristol and Cambridge) – with members of these networks coming together in two Ageing Without Children conferences, held in London and Birmingham in 2015 and 2016
  • Used the insights from its research to spark a series of ideas about potential innovations – and explored these internally and with potential funders and delivery partners; and
  • Built relationships with a variety of national and local stakeholders across the ageing sector and in commissioning bodies – notable examples include AWOC’s connections with Age UK London, with PRAMA care in Bournemouth, and with the Beth Johnson Foundation.

AWOC’s success can be explained by:

  • Its focus and concentration of effort on an issue that, before AWOC, had received little attention
  • Its credibility: AWOC is led by a founder and directors who all self-identify as ageing without children – and, in consequence, these leaders bring not merely passion and commitment but also personal authority and integrity to the organisation’s work
  • Its ability to build connections: the founder and directors have strong capabilities around network building and stakeholder engagement – critical for the early success of a startup venture entering a sector with a well established set of statutory and voluntary incumbents.

The one key factor absent from the success to date is money. You can donate to AWOC here Donate to AWOC

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