How to adapt a house for older adults?

house for older adults

How to adapt a house for older adults?

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Do you live with people of the third? Here we give you some tips to prepare a home for the elderly and forget about geriatric centers.

It is important that all household members live in an environment that provides comfort, therefore, if you share a home with the elderly, it is ideal to adapt it to their needs.

When preparing a home for the elderly, it is essential that various activities can be carried out safely in the spaces.

Implement the following recommendations to adapt a home for older adults so that they can enjoy their life comfortably.

What are the areas that should be conditioned in a home for the elderly?

  • Bath
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Hallways


66% of domestic accidents during old age occur in the bathroom, for this reason, it is the first place that should be adapted in a home for the elderly. It is important to make the following modifications:

Install grab bars

The material of the support bars should be aluminum or stainless steel since plastic does not support as much weight.

If the bathroom is very large, make a path on the walls with the bars, these should be attached to the wall at a distance between 1.10 to 1.30 meters high.

Remodel the shower

In addition, to install grab bars to facilitate the entry and exit of the shower, it is essential that a folding seat for older adults and a non-slip shower mat be placed.

The shower space must be large enough for a second person and to install a chair to place clothes.

Change the toilet

Due to various problems that arise in old age, access to the bathroom should be facilitated by means of a taller toilet, which should be securely attached to the floor at a height between 45 to 50 centimeters.

Integrate an alert system

Although all precautions are taken, it is advisable to install an alert system in the bathroom, bells, alarms and emergency buttons can be integrated.

For this reason, consider the option of converting your home into home automation, you will only need a mobile device to carry out actions from a distance. This will allow you to have greater peace of mind in the safety of the older adults living in the home.


The kitchen is another space that should also be set up in a home for older adults to avoid possible falls, cuts, or burns. You need to make some adjustments.

Maintain the cabinet and pantry

Changing pantry doors to sliding doors will reduce the risk of hitting accidents or injury from pulling stuck doors.

It is a good idea to add oil from time to time to the rails of the cabinets to prevent the drawers from binding.

Acquire movable furniture

When preparing a home for the elderly, it is recommended to use practical and movable furniture that must be of adequate height.

This furniture will allow easy access to different kitchen accessories (plates, glasses, pots, etc.).

Change the stove and appliances

Some older adults are autonomous during old age, therefore, it is essential to install an induction cooker, which avoids possible burns since it only heats the container and not the surface. In addition, it allows the pots to slide more easily.

Likewise, it is time to opt for easy-maintenance appliances with side doors.


In the case of having two floors, a room must be built or enabled on the ground floor, to avoid overexertion by the elderly.

If the bedroom does not have its own bathroom, it is important to consider being close to one and removing all unnecessary obstacles and furniture, to facilitate mobility during the day and night.

The bed should not exceed 45 centimeters in height, however, we advise you to adapt it to the person who lives in the home. Also, you will need mobility to lie down, so the bed should not be attached to the wall.

The elderly must have easy access to the light switch, telephone, and emergency button, it will be necessary to put a wooden dresser next to the bed so that they can deposit their belongings.

Living room

The living room is the space where older adults prevail the longest and do their activities, it is convenient to change the furniture.

Armchairs with armrests are better for third-party people as they are ergonomic. These should be adjusted to a medium height and have to be sturdy enough so that they can be easily lifted when needed.

Check that the shelves are well fixed on the wall to avoid accidents and remember to choose furniture with rounded edges to avoid tripping.

The television should be at a considerable distance and have a cordless phone.


Finally, to prepare a home for the elderly, the corridors must always be free of objects and the carpets must include non-slip.

If the house has stairs, install an aluminum or metal railing to prevent accidents.

Do not forget to illuminate with spotlights and install switches at the beginning and end of the hall.

Adapting a home for the elderly is the best option to live comfortably during retirement.

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