Old Age Home: How to adapt housing for the elderly?

Old Age Home

Old Age Home: How to adapt housing for the elderly?

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In the case of the elderly living at home, it will be necessary to adapt their home to ensure maximum safety and comfort, depending on old age needs.

One of the most common mistakes consists of not planning to advance the reforms that the home needs to adapt to the needs of the elderly so that they are only taken into account when the elderly person has already suffered a fall or an accident inside the home.

To avoid these problems, we recommend you start with the adaptation of the home from the first moment in which you observe that your loved ones are in the process of aging and are losing autonomy and mobility.

Basic Tips: Old Age Home for Seniors

  • It is essential to eliminate obstacles that hinder the passage and mobility of the elderly: flowerpots, unstable tables, rugs, etc. Despite the fact that they may be valuable objectives for the elderly, these elements’ true usefulness must be considered, as they do not prevent them from moving easily.
  • All rooms must be perfectly lit to facilitate good vision and avoid the risk of falls. Good lighting creates a more comfortable and welcoming environment for the elderly person. In the same way, you can also purchase light sensors that detect their movements, ideal for spaces such as corridors or living rooms.
  • It is important to check the size of the doors that facilitate the passage of the elderly in the case of using a wheelchair, as they can also be removed if necessary.
  • You should pay attention to the carpets that are in the house, the important thing is that they are non – slip rubber. Otherwise, it is best to remove them to avoid tripping or falling.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets must be in order. This avoids the difficulty of finding an object. Corner guards can also be used to prevent possible injury.
  • The elderly must have access to the telephone permanently. The phone must have numbers large enough to be easily visible. If possible, we will always opt for cordless phones.

Aspects to consider before making Old Age Home

Adapting the home to the needs of the elderly does not have to be an immediate and radical process. It is best to implement these changes as these new needs appear so that this transformation is not traumatic.

Let’s not forget that any change in habits or environment can have psychological and emotional consequences at advanced ages. We will avoid this negative impact if we act progressively and according to the particularities of each moment.

Apart from advancing step by step, it would be convenient for you to take into account these recommendations to save you problems, time, and money:

Adapting the home of an elderly person is not turning it into something alien. Our elders must continue to have the feeling that they are at home, surrounded by their memories and the things they like. There are many objects such as photographs, cushions, blankets or certain furniture that do not pose a danger and add identity to the rooms. As far as possible, they try to keep them if they are safe.

Find out before making any changes. Some of the necessary actions may involve modifications in a municipal property land or a neighborhood community’s facilities. On the other hand, sometimes there are subsidies or special aids that allow you to acquire assistance material or carry out changes in the home distribution for a lower cost.

Less is more. Sometimes it is not so much a matter of adding security devices in the home but minimizing the risks by taking action at the root. Open spaces, lightly loaded shelves or well-organized closets are a good starting point.

Cognitive stimulation is also important. Replace potentially dangerous items with more friendly ones that are also stimulating to touch, smell, or sight. Considering that it is inside the home where our elders spend a large part of the day, it is important to create an environment that keeps their senses awake.

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