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1 in 5 over 50 don’t have children; new report asks why they are still invisible in discussions on ageing

“I don’t think people at the government have the faintest idea how many of us there are. If they did, I think they’d be worried!”

“Our Voices” details the experiences and thoughts of a hitherto invisible group of older people – those ageing without children. It tells individual stories of people ageing without children and highlights the key themes and issues that affect them.

The report identifies 6 key themes affecting people ageing without children

  • Invisibility
  • Being judged
  • “who will tell my story?”
  • Being a carer is a trigger point
  • Practical support
  • Disconnect form other generations

And recommends a number of solutions to tackle the issue including

  • A national strategy
  • Investment in advocacy and intergenerational projects
  • Better access to advice to help plan for later life
  • More education and social awareness


Our Voices Summary Final

Our Voices Final Report

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