Ageing Without Children




“It’s a constant battle to get any help for my mum even though she’s in her 80’s and has dementia!! I feel like I am always having to shout really loudly to get anywhere. I wonder, who will be shouting for me?  or will I be the old lady dying alone in a hospital bed because no one cares?”

1 million people over 65 in the UK have no children and this will double to 2 million by 2030 but what does this mean for organisations working with older people?

AWOC runs workshops on ageing without children that will help your organisation

  • Understand the extent and nature of the issues facing people ageing without children
  • Discuss the reasons, assumptions and myths about why people arrive at later life without children
  • Consider what services your organisation has for people ageing without children and what new solutions could be developed
  • Think about ways your organisation and services can be more Ageing without Children friendly.

We are happy to run bespoke in house workshops or to run them on a geographical basis to enable a number of organisations to attend

For more information or to arrange a telephone discussion, please email


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