What are the reasons for old age homes?

reasons for old age homes

What are the reasons for old age homes?

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Deciding to live in an old age home is still not an easy decision today. Although some see residential centers as a place to “park” the elderly, nothing could be further from the truth. In recent years, residential centers have been transformed and have put the care of people at the center of their activities and have become a very good alternative for the elderly. Especially for those people who want to preserve their independence but do not want to be alone. Or for those who need very specific medical attention or care and the family cannot take care of it.

Reasons for old age homes

There are many reasons to live in residence. We highlight some of them.

24-hour health care

As we get older, we need more and more medical assistance. Older people often need help getting to their medical center, and some even need permanent home care. Undoubtedly, the 24-hour health care offered by residences for the elderly is one of the compelling reasons to live in an old age home.

2. Personal hygiene and medication control

The neglect of personal care and hygiene are two of the great problems of older people. Some have problems dressing, others abandon their hygiene. Others forget to take their medication or do it incorrectly. The staff at the residential centers see to it that all this does not happen. They help residents in need with dressing and washing. And they ensure that they take their medication correctly.

3. Adapted activities

To enjoy healthy aging, it is important to have a physically and mentally active life. When an older person lives alone, sometimes keeping this active life is not easy. Instead, the centers offer their residents a range of activities to choose from: cinema, dances, games, outings, talks, workshops. Each person participates in the activities of their interest and there are even residences that have specific activities for people with mobility or cognitive problems, among others.

4. Company

Loneliness is becoming one of the great epidemics of the elderly. According to a study by ONCE, 18.5% of the Spanish population living alone suffers from loneliness. In this sense, residences are a very good option for people who do not want to be or feel alone. In residence, they make friends, share talks and activities … In short, living in residence is an ideal option to feel accompanied.

5. Healthy eating

Many older people who live alone do not eat in a balanced way. Among the causes of this poor diet are the problems that many have to chew or eat food and the difficulties they have to go shopping and cook because of their mobility problems. Thus, many grandparents choose to eat yogurt, fruit, and dishes that hardly need any preparation. Keep reading How to take care of elderly parents in an old age home

In a residential center, the menus are designed to guarantee a healthy diet and are personalized to the nutritional needs of each resident.

6. Adapted spaces

Older people have their homes full of architectural barriers that make their freedom of movement very difficult. To the point that many times they don’t leave home, not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t. The residential centers are perfectly adapted so that residents can move freely both on foot and in a wheelchair.

These are six of the reasons why living in residence is a suitable option for the elderly. What are yours?

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