What is the purpose of old age home

What is the purpose of old age home

What is the purpose of old age home

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This type of home is built to provide shelter, food, and comfort to elderly people who can no longer live in their own homes. They might have lost their loved ones or might suffer from chronic diseases that have made them incapable of living an independent life. Long stays in hospitals or nursing homes can be extremely expensive. For people who do not have enough savings to afford the cost of staying in a nursing home, this is an ideal place for them.

What is the purpose of old age home?

If you wonder how old age homes will help your loved ones, you need to understand that they cannot live without care and support even if they are physically healthy. They might have difficulty getting up from bed or finding the bathroom. They might forget to eat regularly or feed themselves, which can lead to problems like malnutrition.

These homes have professionally trained staff who will take care of all their necessities and make sure that they live a comfortable life till their last days. You will also be provided with regular updates about their health and well-being.

The only drawback of these homes is that they are expensive and can be beyond poor or middle-class families’ means. So if you want to give your loved ones the best care then you need to check out various options before finalizing one for them. All types of facilities should also meet the required standard set by the government.

Advantages of old age home:

1) Professionally trained staff who love spending time with needy seniors. They are well aware of their needs and requirements, which they can provide them in the best possible way along with personal care.

2) Medical assistance is available around the clock, which reduces your worry about your health. They can also get a regular check-up done to ensure that they are in good health.

3) They have all the facilities which are required for a comfortable living. You can also bring your family once in a while so that they feel less lonely and enjoy the senior years of life with full excitement.

4) These homes provide special rooms with advanced amenities, which will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel rather than an old-age home.

5) They also provide various indoor and outdoor games with trained staff to look after them.

6) You can bring your pets along with your family when they visit the home, making them happy and excited.

Disadvantages of old age home:

1) Expensive lifestyle. This type of facility is most suited for people who can afford it and don’t have any other options to take care of their loved ones. If you own a house or property, then the maintenance fee will be kept in check, but if you are planning to leave an old person in this environment, it will be little expensive.

2) Not very spacious. These homes are built according to the number of occupants, which means that they cannot accommodate more people in case your family member is living with you or you have other family members who need care and support. You might need to look for some other options if you want everyone to live together.

3) Limited visiting hours. You can come and visit your loved ones for a certain number of hours only. If you are willing to spend more time with them, you will need to hire a private nurse who will care for their needs.

4) Personal belongings might not be available there. They provide all the basic amenities to the occupants, but they cannot be sure about their personal belongings. So if you want to keep some of your precious items with them, only this option will work for you.

5) They are not suitable for people who have severe medical conditions or mental illnesses. If your loved one is suffering from any serious health problems, it can be dangerous to put them in this environment.

6) They are not suitable for people who need continuous care and support. For example, if your family member is bedridden, it will be difficult to take him/her daily to some other location for treatment or maybe some other reason that makes you leave the old person at home all the time.

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